K40.se has been online since 2013 and is one of the biggest websites in the world on facts, diy, articles and guides around laser machines and specifically K40/3020 (by visitors and indexed keywords/phrases and results in search engines).
The website has roughly 4.000 unique user visits per day from hundreds of countries.

Visitors on the website are often looking for solutions or parts which make a lot of them with purchasing power. We have higher CTR than normal on 8.7% in average on the website and up to 25% CTR on themed pages with tailored advertising.
We can offer geolocated advertising aimed to countries or languages where your ads are only seen from chosen countries or geographical positions.

Adverts are offered on multiple locations and for different lengths in time.

Contact our advertising coordinator for more details:
Mattias Bergvall – mattias@k40.se