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K40 laser cutter power supply

Most problems with the K40 laser cutter involves the power supply in one way or another. Here is the facts about the laser power supply installed in most K40 machines. Introduction The K40 is a product made with parts to make a small and cheap laser machine. It is not developed or manufactured like this - it´s just the cheapest parts and solutions put in to a metal box. Now when we talk about the Laser Power Supply it is actually not made to... read more

Convert your digital panel to analog

Convert your K40 digital panel to analog Want to convert your machine to analog instead of digital? The digital panel is stupid, it´s made for 40-100w machines and needs to be calibrated, so 100% power actually is 100% on your 40w. The sellers often just buy parts and put together and forget this, your output will have 100% power anywhere from 60 to 100% on the panel. Always combine your digital panel with a mA-meter. If you dont have one - check... read more

Using your laser cutter/engraver inside your home

Many of us, including me have a machine inside the home. I have a bunch of machine but at my home i have my custom K40D at the moment, and with kids in the home and close neighbors i need to think about the smoke and smell from my machine. In this article i will show some examples and tips & tricks how to make your laser use safer in your home. First up, almost the most important is to seal up... read more

DIY article how to fix your laser head

This article is about a popular laser head avalible on ebay and other places. We sell this already modified in the store here - and as a bigger kit with mirror holders here. If you want to do the upgrade yourself, here is the article for you! And here is why you want to upgrade your laser head The screws bend and rust/oxidize and get stuck very easy (brass). New from steel will work much better. The harder springs will prevent the mirror from... read more

K40 machine stops before job is done – fixes and issues

A lot of questions lately has been around machines stopping mid job, before the end or right away when starting a job. This is a issue no matter of your setup, controller type and/or other solutions. I will go through most common issues with communication for this problems in this article. 1: USB cable and setup - Most users have a laptop connected to their machine. Make sure all power saving programs/schemes are set to off. See guide here - If you are using... read more

No fire troubleshooting

This guide will help you identify and solve most problems with your laser machine not firing the laser beam. Make sure your K40 turns on and homes to zero position. If it doesn´t, check the fuse in the rear power connector before continuing. Step 1 Turn on your machine. Open the lid on your panel and push the test-button located on your power supply Yes, the laser is firing This is good, your PSU and laser tube is healthy and working. Go to Step 2 Yes, but only... read more

CW3000 cooler for lasers – Warning!

This is a very short article, i see posts about this CW3000 almost every day and i sadly see a lot of users buying it. The CW3000 is not a cooler - it´s a radiator and a fan with a small water tank. How it works The water is circulated by the CW3000 through the heat exhanger (radiator) and a fan is blowing on it to remove the heat. Sounds simple, it´s not. Your ambient temperature will be cooling the water you have. If... read more

Buyers guide to the Chinese K40 laser cutter

This article is aimed to you looking to buy a K40 laser cutter machine, but want more information before you decide yourself to buy one or not. Read this article, and check out all other articles about the k40 to get more information about this family of machines. The machine Different types of K40 cases The K40 is often blue and white, but comes in a variation of colors, black-red, red-white, orange-black and similar combinations. They are all the same, more important to... read more

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