On this page i will publish files and tools to use with your machine.
They are not stuff you must have, but it may help in different applications depending on what you do.

Focal length tool/gauge for stock laser head
Tool to set the proper focal length in your machine – download here

Lens tool for stock laser head
Tool to see if your beam hits in the center of your lens – download here
Read the included txt-file to find out how to use

Nozzle holder bracket – V4
3D-print file for bracket to hold your adjustable laser head – download hereOr buy it here
This fits this type of laser head

Focal length tool/gauge for upgraded head
SVG file for tool/gauge for correct focus for the upgraded laser head. Download here
This fits this type of laser head

I´m glad if you report any problems with the files by contact here.

All files are made by me and i own the copyright if nothing else is mentioned. Feel free to download, copy and share them however you want, just do not sell them and keep the info-file intact in the zip-file if any included.

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