Making your machine as efficient as possible requires exhausting smoke and odors, as well as for your health because the fumes produced when the K40 is cutting or engraving are hazardous to inhale.

These recommendations enable you to tailor your exhaust and filters to your specific requirements.

Using your K40 inside your home

You can use your K40 inside your house, but first you need to make some adjustments and repairs!

Exhaust on your K40 laser machine

Exhaust is easy; add the fan and hose and start the fan—NO... It´s not that easy if you want an optimized exhaust system for your machine.

Air assist on the k40 laser machine

For engraving and cutting to be as efficient as possible, air assist helps keep the cut area clear of debris and smoke.

Smoke assist on your k40 laser machine

This guide will help you with smoke assist, to keep optics and the machine free from smoke and optimize efficiency

Exhaust: how it works

Another article about exhaust and air flows.