It could be challenging to set up your laser equipment for the first time.
The Chinese manual that comes with it is not very helpful.

Go over these articles to learn how to set up, align, and prepare your machine for use.

Setting up your k40 laser

From taking it out of the box to making the first cut or engraving, this guide will walk you through the setup procedure.

Setting up your k40 laser – Aligning mirrors

This guide takes you on a ride of aligning your K40 machine in a few easy steps.

Smoke assist on your k40 laser machine

This guide will help you with smoke assist, to keep optics and the machine free from smoke and optimize efficiency

Setting up your k40 laser – Exhaust

Exhaust is easy; add the fan and hose and start the fan—NO...
It´s not that easy if you want an optimized exhaust system for your machine.

Setting up your k40 laser – Watercooling

Install the watercooling on your laser machine the first time.

Setting proper focus

Having a proper focus for your cutting and engraving is the most important aspect of your machine! Here, you will discover how to correctly focus your K40 laser for a variety of tasks.