OVERVIEW Check out our troubleshooting articles if your machine breaks down, starts to smell funny, or starts to fire arcs from the high voltage cables.

How to troubleshoot no fire issue

Machine moves but no laser beam? Here´s the guide you need to solve your problem.

How to troubleshoot not homing correctly

You have a problem with your end-stops if your K40 begins to bang the fence when homing to the top-left positions. Here´s how to fix it.

Why your laser tube dies

Your machine's laser tube is a delicate component. Why does it die or lose power?

K40 machine stops – fixes and issues

Recently, there have been many inquiries about machines stopping mid-job, before the end of the job, or right away when a job starts. This is an issue no matter your setup, controller type, or other solutions.

Windows 10 and CorelLaser

Some have experience problem with using their Windows 10 computer with CorelLaser.