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CorelLaser is a outdated and buggy software often demanding old versions of Corel – use K40 Whisperer instead

Some have experience problem with using their Windows 10 computer with CorelLaser.
This is due to a update of Windows called the anniversary update, with this windows denies unsigned drivers to be installed.

1: Have a computer without the anniversary update, install the Corel and CorelLaser software. Plug in the machine, and update after that.

2: It may work recovering and removing a update, before you do this, uninstall Corel and CorelLaser with a uninstaller software, like Revo Uninstaller first, then remove the update. Reboot your machine, install Corel and CorelLaser, and after that update with the anniversary update.

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I purchased CorelDraw 2020 with the impression CorelLaser was included. Could someone tell me if it does come with the program and I may be doing something wrong or is it a plugin I need to download or purchase? If so, where do I get CorelLaser?
Thank you


Hello could you possibly help me. I have a k40, which worked well
with the software it came with. Then after a couple of weeks it would only Initiate and do a preview but will not do any engraving anymore. I’ve emailed Omtech and they’ve said it’s the USB Dongle that’s not working, I had a new today from them still not working and just shows This function need USB-KEY support ??

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
P.S My laptop is on Windows 10.

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Hi thanks but I tried whisperer before but it does not work on the k40. Any other ideas please ??


Hi here pic of my controller board.

John Schreiber

As directed by HP Persson, I went to the K40 whisperer home page. There was a list Controller Boards Known to Work with K40 Whisperer. These boards are the ones that the USB connects to. I did not find my board on the list. Here are the numbers I found on my USB connection board: BE112096 and 9C249923. Will Whisperer work with this board.

Also, am I to understand that my image creator should be created in Inkscape and imported into K40 whisperer? I am just trying to get a feel of the whole project. Thanks

John Schreiber

If I use the K40 Whisperer software how do I install it and does it come with the K 40 Driver? Does it need the K 40 flash drive to work?

Explicit details please – step by step or point me to a web site that will guide me through it. Currently the only graphics program I have on my computer is Adobe Essentials. I am using up to date Windows 10.


I got a laptop that had Windows 10 with the update already on it so I can’t roll it back. Is there a workaround for Corel laser that you’ve seen yet?