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K40 laser cutter Frequently Asked Questions

What is the K40 laser machine?

The K40 or K3020 with other similar names are a small, desktop-sized Co2 laser made in China for very affordable price.

Where can i buy a K40 laser cutter engraver?

The K40 is avalible on most websites similar to Ebay, Aliexpress, Amazon and similar.

Is the K40 laser machine plug-and-play?

No, it needs attention and can be very dangerous to turn on without checking it over before starting to us. See our articles on setting up the K40.

Can the K40 be used in a business?

Sure, depending on volume and what you make you can upgrade and optimize it for business use. Check out our upgrade and articles to make your K40 laser better.

Is the K40 a safe machine?

Out of the box - NO. When you have fixed some electrical and other safety solutions it´s not more dangerous than your toaster. Read up on safety and how to use your K40 laser machine safely.

What material can the K40 cut?

Acrylic and plastics up to 4-6 millimeters, wood depending on type up to 6mm. It cannot cut metals of any kind.