These devices are not always reliable; repairs must be made before you plug them into an electrical socket.
For information on how to maintain, improve, or just understand your K40 laser cutter/engraver, look through our articles in the electronics area.

Keep in mind that your local rules and regulations may differ about what you are permitted to accomplish on your own and what requires that you engage licensed electricians when working with high voltages. If you aren’t quite certain that you know what you’re doing, never touch.

Grounding in your K40 laser

This is a short warning with information on how to solve the issue. More and more machines are delivered with deadly configurations for the grounding of the electronics.

Connect a 24v external PSU

One of the best upgrades you can make is installing a 24V external PSU for your motors and controller board.

Install a mA-meter

One of the most important modifications you can make to your machine is to install a mA meter. You can avoid overdriving your laser tube and maintain better power settings with its assistance.

K40 potentiometer facts

Find out more details about the potentiometer on your K40. Find out how to upgrade and fix the low-quality potentiometer that came with your K40 laser system.

Rewire your K40 laser

Strange cables running from here to there and back again are something we have all witnessed. The K40 is a strong little machine, and in this guide, we show you how to completely rewire the device with all the necessary information.

Facts about the K40 power supply

The power supply is involved in the majority of K40 laser cutter issues in some way. The information about the laser power supply used in the majority of K40 machines is provided here, along with complete pinouts, schematics, and wiring for the various types.

Convert your digital panel to analog

Put an analog potentiometer setup in place of your digital panel. This will help you with more accurate power settings.

Installing more electronics

Adding more load to these machines could cause issues because the power supply is already operating at its limit. We advise connecting everything you add to the machine through a different power source or a smaller wall plug with the right voltage in order to fix this problem.

USB-hubs with your K40 laser

If you must use a USB hub with your laser device, make sure it is installed correctly to prevent issues.