A small note on usb-hubs and using older computers or pad´s to run the machines.
All computers has a usb-host controller, this one controls the data sent out and powers the ports.
On older computers or smaller laptops there is one host-controller for all ports. On newer machines there is often one controller per port, or per set of ports.
What may happen is your laser starts to freeze up, it hesitates for a half second and then runs again.

This happens because of the host controller of the ports sending data to all ports + the hubs. Error correction gets too high and the buffer can´t handle it.

Best connection scenario
– Always connect the machine directly to a usb-port on your computer, not a USB-hub.
– You can use a hub in the machine to add machine and dongle to, connect the hub directly to a usb-port on the computer.

USB-hub mounted inside the laser with the dongle.

If you get stutter like this, some things to test
– Get a powered hub
– Remove other connected perhipals, like mouse or printers.
– Try swapping the usb port used on the computer

If you still get stutter or hesitation on your machine it´s due to the limited hardware of the original controller, consider a upgrade of the controller.

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Herbert Hail

I have a K40 Laser/engraver. I have had it for about 4 months. I am having trouble with the speed of engraving. It burns through when engraving, The reason is it is going way too slow. I have checked the settings and the speed is set at 500 mm per second, yet it moves slow. This started a bout a week ago when I was trying to engrave a text. I checked the settings and all look good for the speed. I set my power from 40 to 10 and it still goes slow. I am using the original software.I haven’t upgraded yet. to the k40 whisper. I have downloaded it and Inkscape. I am trying to learn both. This is a hobby for me. I have a full spectrum laser engraver and had a lot of problems with the controller and the break out board. I called the mfg and they don’t make them anymore and tell me I need to get a new one that cost $3500.00. Not I am not doing that again it was a waste of money. any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration. HH


HI i lost my usb key for the K40 Laser engraver
how can i engrave without using the dongle? Thanks