Your optics is almost the most important thing in your machine. With bad optics you are limping on 20% of your machines capacity.

Choosing the correct optics, taking care of them and aligning your machine properly are the most common issues with the K40 laser. But if you do it correct your machine will be a badass machine!

Alignment guide for K40 laser

This guide takes you on a ride of aligning your K40 machine in a few easy steps.

Align your laser machine – backwards

Doing it backwards can help without firing the laser and less risk of damages of the optics.

Setting proper focus

Having a proper focus for your cutting and engraving is the most important aspect of your machine! Here, you will discover how to correctly focus your K40 laser for a variety of tasks.

Cleaning your optics

One of your K40 system's most crucial components are mirrors and lens. Keeping the optics clean will keep the machine working properly and the performance at the top.

Mirror types

It's crucial to have a good set of mirrors; you can learn more about the various kinds here.