Looking for spare parts for your K40 laser machine? Check out Cloudray Laser!

K40.se is a very popular for user who are going to buy a K40 laser, or already bought one.
We are missing out on some of the work with the setup and we thought buying a K40 from scratch, testing it, installing it for the first time, fix all issues and after that upgrade it to 100% perfection was a fun idea to document.

We have ordered a K40 and got it delivered Dec. 9th.
Do you have suggestions what you want to see in the articles? let us know in the comments below!

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Published articles

Buying a K40 – how to choose
Inspect and test your K40 after delivery
First start and test of the machine
Install the upgraded laser head
– Install a 24V extra power supply

Upcoming articles

– Convert the digital panel to analog with upgraded potentiometer
Install a mA-meter
– Install a EMI-filter
– Smoke and leak test of the stock exhaust
– Install new optics
– Lower the stock bed

Upgrading the power supply to HY-T50
– Upgrade the water cooling
– Sealing the machine for optimized exhaust
– Upgrade and fix the exhaust
– Upgrading the controller board
– Upgrading the gantry

By law we have to mention that this article series is sponsored by Hawklaser.com with upgrade parts and the articles can contain affiliate links which help us filling the fridge with Pepsi for long nights of writing!

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