Due to Coronavirus/Sars-Cov2 we are delayed with launching the online courses. They are all done and we hired a translator to proof-read them to ensure quality language for you English speaking visitors.

All free courses are available for everyone to take. The paid courses always has teacher support, you will receive tests and have communication with your teacher through the course for any questions or discussion about your course.

Please note – no courses are available at this moment – we are just showing the topics of the courses coming[/vc_column]

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Idea to product

All of us has been there – downloading a design someone else has made and try to sell it.
This course focuses on the strategy behind making something your own, from the idea to finished product.
The lessons includes brainstorming, idea planning, market research, pricing options, design and manufacturing and the setup of the laser machine with jigs/templates.
This is our biggest course and probably takes a couple of months to get through.

K40 basic course

Learn the basics of the K40 laser cutter.
Everything from packing it up from delivery to your first cut!
This course includes some work with CorelLaser and Inkscape

Mass production

In this course we take a look at mass production. Maybe you are engraving pens or dog tags in your business?
This course goes in to the depth with using jigs, templates and how to make your production more efficient and save time/money.

Making money with your laser

In this course we take a look at the basics of a business plan, how to calculate the real cost of running your machine for different operations.
You will learn how to make money and be proud of your pricing instead of keeping low prices to sell more.

Personal courses

We can offer you custom courses with lessons and details just made for you and your needs.
Let us know what you expect out of a course and we will get back to you if it´s possible to offer through our courses.