Need help choosing a exhaust fan for your setup?
Use our calculator to help you choose a good option.
Please note: this calculator is not fool proof and will not give you a exact number, rather showing you a ball-park number on what you need depending on your setup.
If you go 50-100 up or down from this value doesn’t matter much in the end. A suggestion is to never go below 150m3/h as lowest.

How to use
– Choose length of the hose from the back of your machine to the exit where the air is dumped outside, in meters.
– Is your machine sealed? Read more about sealing your machine here
– Do you have input fans (smoke assist) on your machine? Read more about smoke assist here
– If you are planning on using a filter, charcoal or other – tick this box
– If you cut or engrave wood, tick this box

The results will show you the fan flow needed for your setup
All results are depending on that you have the exhaust fan very close to your window – NOT behind the machine.
Read more about fan location here

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