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is whisper recommended for a bigger laser, power and bed size, with a M2 board.. I know in settings can set bed size, just only options I have when ordering new laser is a M2 or ruida, like the control panel etc of ruida but rdworks seems to have alot of negative reviews, so torn between controller and iffy software and iffy board and a software i’ve use for a cpl years..any suggestions appreciated..


thx, i know the controller is much better with ruida, was also thinking I can do designs etc, in inkscape and then just use rdworks for controller/ laser. have looked at the lightburn also..again thx..


again thx, finally took the plunge and went with a 9060 80 watt EFR F2 and ruida 6445G…will use inkscape for designs and save as DXF, use rdworks for controller..

Francis Richards

Will K40 Whisperer install on HP Probook Laptop 4440s running Windows 7


Good day
WILL ruida 6442s-b(ec) Work with K40 wisper


Hi, i have the same issue with the not recognicing fonts but only on the rasbian system on raspberry pi. I installed the fonts in the system and wordpad and libre world can show the font , also inkscape but when i open k40 whisperer it show standard font like Arial. Anyone an Idea what to do ?


hallo, who can a help me to get k40 co2 laser driver! I lost USb

Best Regards


Hi, I’m struggling to get to the software downloads for the Windows x64 versions from the downloads page, page keeps timing out. any ideas? Thanks

tai fu

There is something wrong with K40 Whisperer. It absolutely WILL NOT import text at all. This is bad because I would have text that needs engraving and if it will not import text then it is useless. It keeps ignoring texts for some reason, maybe it’s something the software can’t deal with.

There is a way to engrave and cut in the same go in CorelLaser. You just have to select them separately and then instead of using the “engrave” button you use the “add job” button.


i do pictures and text all the time with whisper, maybe delete and re install,, i use many different fonts regularly, i do all my setup in inkscape and never an issue ? i have done hundreds of projects now, so only thing i can say is delete and re install it,


Just Object to Path on the text and whisperer won’t have to import text.

Michele Sherer

Hi I have a k40 laser I’m trying to use Corel Laser with CorelDraw 2018, but it doesn’t seem to work. Does anyone know a fix? It did work with CorelDraw 12, but I need the features from 2018. Thanks so much


a new version of k40 whisper is out, if i download will it overwrite the old or do i have to uninstall old to install new, doesnt show anything on their site saying one way or the other that i could find..


as always, I truly appreciate your quick response, and advise all with a laser cutter/engraver to bookmark this site and to get what they need for parts, upgrades and advise here. this in my opinion is the best site for all laser owners, new or pro to be a part of..again my thanks to you..


you have made the k40 laser alot easier with your tutorials, info, settings etc…wanted to ask if install the k40 whisper and inkscape, can old files setup and i’ve done in corel, will they still work in corel or is corel useless after whisper install.i would like to have option to use both at different times..??but saw that it might or might not work ??any tips info??

Arnie Miles

Here’s a quick observation on K40 for Linux users. I’m running Ubuntu 15.04 LTS. Inkscape is available from the software repository and should be installed FIRST as it satisfies some of K40Whisperer’s package requirements. Once you’ve done that, anyone can easily install the K40Whisperer package from their website following the instructions in the readme.txt file. This is an awesome way and very inexpensive solution for those who want to dedicate a computer to their laser. A cheap used laptop, even from a pawn shop, a free operating system, and free design and laser software.


Have not successfully gotten anything to CUT. What is the secret? I tried the red line thing, going from inkscape to whisperer. ? Has to be a simple something I’m missing. Thanks. Oh, never got the corel or LaserDRW to load, run or work so gave up there. Both on 8 and 10.

Doug Loukota

I’ve been using the Inkscape/K40 Whisper duo for a few weeks or so and it is a quantum leap from the delivered SW. Other than it’s easier and cleaner than CorelLASER, there are a few outstanding differences.

1.The cutting speeds are more true with K40 Whisper. 250mm/s raster works fine for me. With the CorelLASER extension speeds over were wonky.

2 The Halftone raster engraving is very good and for my purposes makes the change to whisper well worth it.

3.Inkscape, once you get use to a few non-intuitive methods (trim), is good and must be loaded on the computer.

4. I’ve used MS Visio 2003 for years for quick 2D engineering sketches. These can be sent to Whisper if the Visio .svg file is first imported or opened in Inkscape then re-saved. I think this is because the Visio .svg file is missing something that a Inkscape.svg file adds. Most likely my Visio doesn’t follow the current standard (typical Microsoft).

5. The software runs fine on the latest Windows 10 and my old XP Pro system. I had troubles with CorelDraw 12 part of CorelLASER on Win 10 and gave up on it.

I would recommend K40 Whisper in any case and hope to see some added functionality down the road.


I started out using this software and so far it has worked great. I do wish it could do engrave and cut in same operation, but normally I have to manually change power anyways, so that is more a limitation of the machine. I never looked at a laser cutter and knew nothing about them, it took me like 15 minutes to make a sample cut, and now it is super easy.

Make sure you keep your red, blue and black 100% each color, if it is only 97% it will not see it.


Just got this running on my K40 with M2Nano board.. apart from having to remember to set the laser power before hitting the button it works very well!