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Beginning today i´m writing a new article series about our lasers.
Often when visiting Facebook groups, forums and other social networks the replies to a question have multiple different solutions, some good, some bad and some that isn´t connected to real world nature laws at all.
The questions asked regards to air assist, exhaust fans and water pumps. Most of the replies are wrong, exaggerated or plain delusional

Example: Add air assist and everything´s good. or buy a big exhaust, solves everything.
Many of the people telling you how to do it have just heard it themselves, they are relying the same words they were told, the don´t know anything why or how they telling you to buy a big ass exhaust fan.
This is what i plan to sort out in my article series.
What do you really need, how to prepare it and what kind of products or add on´s do you really need for your setup.

The most common reply is “I do this – and it works fine”.

Here it´s time to think, what do we know of the level of “fine” this person has? Is that level of “fine” the same as yours?
This creates misunderstandings, disappointment and frustration when new users ask for advice and get replies of parts or products to buy that really not helping at all, and the problem could have been solved hundreds of dollars less, with better result.
I have seen users with high pitch noises from the tube, very bad cut edges and engravings looking like shit, and they still think its “fine”.
With my articles i point to the best solutions to achieve the best results, if you accept lower than what i aim for it´s OK, but atleast you know what the machine is capable of and how to do it.

The mystical K40 laser

As we know, our K40 machines differs a lot. Just to add “air assist” without knowing what you going to make on your machine, with what type of material, thickness and the result you expect it´s actually pretty rude to tell you to go and buy a air assist nozzle.
There is no magical solution to anything with our machines, most of the tips are general and may help you a few steps ahead, and some back.

Upcoming articles

How it works – Exhaust in your laser machine
– How it works – Water cooling in your laser machine
– How it works – Air-assist in your laser machine
– How it works – Electronics and safety in your laser machine
– How it works – Software, settings and tools to make your designs
– How it works – The idea behind making, how to plan, market and sell your products

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