Home and desktop machines as lasers, 3D printers and other CNC are more avalible for everyone nowadays, this introduces a lot of modifications and bits and pieces to extend or make your laser better.

Some voices has been raised about using 3D printed parts inside a laser, heat and PLA/ABS plastic is usually not a good combination.
But in the lasers there is really no danger about it. You can use parts close to the beam or other parts without any problem.

If you get problems…
– Parts close to the beam melts, well, your beam hits the part. Move it
– Parts close to the mirror melts, well, your mirrors are dirty, energy is lost as heat. Clean your mirrors.
– Parts close to the lens melts, well, your lens is dirty, energy lost to heat. Clean your lens.

As you can see, the only way a 3D printed part can be affected by our laser machines is direct or very very close contact with the beam itself. Be careful when aligning the parts used closed to beam path.

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