This is a very short article, i see posts about this CW3000 almost every day and i sadly see a lot of users buying it.
The CW3000 is not a cooler – it´s a radiator and a fan with a small water tank.


How it works
The water is circulated by the CW3000 through the heat exhanger (radiator) and a fan is blowing on it to remove the heat.
Sounds simple, it´s not.
Your ambient temperature will be cooling the water you have. If you have 25c inside – you can never get below 25c with a CW3000.

DIY and modified CW3000
Seen others combining ice-packs and CW3000 machines, or other cooling solutions. Just don´t do this, ever.
Let´s say you have a tank with 20L of water + a CW3000 in your loop.
In your tank you put ice-packs too cool down your water from 25C ambient to 15C water temp.
The CW3000 in the same loop, will take the 25C air and HEAT the 15C water inside the heat exchanger.
Just never use the CW3000 in a setup like this, you´ll be heating the water.

When can a CW3000 be a good idea?
Like mentioned below, outside or where the ambient temp is 15-20C it might be a ok solution.
But, the CW3000 efficiency is pretty low, prepare to not use it for longer runs as the water will heat up with time, even with low ambient temp.

CW3000 outside?
Sure, put it outside if the weather is cool, make sure it cannot rain on it or cause any other shorts or problems.
Take it inside after you are done using it so it doesnt freeze up.

What is a real cooler?
The real coolers are CW5000 or CW5200. I won´t link any right now as there is a bunch of fakes out there on ebay, aliexpress and amazon and i don´t want to send you to a fake cooler machine.
They do work, but not as good and well built as the original CW5000 are.

Read more about watercooling here

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4 thoughts on “CW3000 cooler for lasers – Warning!”

  1. Long story try to keep short, had CW 3000 came with machine told no good and get CW5000
    So bought one on eBay CW 5000 D&N
    When delivered it was a CW 5000. With no brand letters and looked completely different ,and instruction manual was for a B& H Which was very confusing
    Contacted seller and he said it was all OK. But changed a little ,and said he would give me a good discount if I kept it ( alarm bells started )
    Have been in contact with eBay and they are sorting it out
    Thought I would try out chiller so had a go at setting it up with a little help from a guy on u tube setting temperatures parameters on a CW5200
    Kept getting PP in display window
    Contacted manufacturer and he emailed me of how to get rid of PP
    It seemed to work but when switched machine ,next time switched back on up come PP
    I most be boring you to tears now so will give it a rest
    Any suggestions
    Did think of finding the nearest cliff and the quickest way down
    On a short break now in Devon trying to chiller out
    Back home in a week

    1. Sometimes walking away for a couple of days solves a lot 🙂 I could not find anything in my manual about PP/99 error, a YT-video you probably saw mentioned F10 and F11 functions, i dont have them in my machine at all. I would think the error is because of temperature range, try putting it closer to roomtemp, if you have 25c room temp, put the cooling to 20c just to see if it would run a while. Then lower this setting more and more until at 12-15c and see if it keeps at that level. IF it can cool properly without error at 5c less than ambient – but not 10-15c lower than ambient i would think there is something either with the coolant medium (gas) or the fan inside the machine cooling down the high pressure side of the compressor. Make sure the fan spins, it might be PWM so it comes on when needed, but it should spin sooner or later.

  2. Hi I need help please!!! I am trying to find a quality, reliable , AFFORDABLE, k40 laser 600mm laser tube replacement in the USA. Please help! I bought one off eBay and it’s a 700mm( thought it would fit) now I’m out of money and hope the seller will accept a return plus I still can’t find one that doesn’t cost the price of the whole machine!!! Thank you great site by the way!

    1. I always go with TongLi or YongLi tubes, but i think they are both 700mm. Most real 40w tubes are 700mm, the 600mm are more like 32 watts. Some machines has a hole to the right for longer tubes, if you can make a hole and cut a cap for the longer tube you already have.

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